Frequently Asked Questions

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If already have hosting, will my hosting price waived from the project pricing?

Yes sure, we will waive 100 USD from our project pricing, we still charge for domain name, we need cPanel hosting and if you have any problem regarding hosting, you will have to contact your host to rectify the issues.

Which domain extensions you provide with projects?

We provide only .com .org .net, if you need any other extension, please let us know, we will also consider it.

How you give hand on training, and what if you I need more help after getting 3 hours training.

We will give you training on skype or facebook, if you need more sessions after your training hours, you can email us on support form, and our team member will help you out.

Will you guide me to advertise my business?

Yes, we will guide you about how you could advertise your business.

What hosting prices I ll have to pay after 1 year?

After 1 year, you will be charged only 120 USD for hosting and domain for next 1 year.

What if I need refund?

Please read our refund policy, thanks

What if I don't have my company logo

Please make one from companies around and deal with logo, we need transparent logo in .png for high optimization.